Workplace Injury Relief in Sudbury

Brady Physiotherapy has a strong relationship with WSIB in Ontario, and is a chosen provider with their respective compensation board to deliver a variety of programs and services to injured workers.

We have worked closely with employers over the past years returning injured workers to the work place. Early rehabilitation intervention, coupled with close communication with the employer is the reason for our success in returning employees to their jobs in a timely manner. By sending your injured employee’s to Brady Physiotherapy we can reduce or even eliminate lost work time and save the employer huge costs.

Communication between the employer, employee and physiotherapist are not the only important links. Brady Physiotherapy clinicians have an excellent reputation and rapport with family physicians, orthopedic specialists and other health care professionals in the community. This enhanced communication is vital in seeing the injured worker through the health care system and lifting any previously imposed work restrictions.

Whether the worker has a sedentary or physically demanding job, the health care professionals at Brady Physiotherapy are very familiar with assessing, treating and expediting workers back to their pre-injury functional status. Our physiotherapists are both skilled clinicians and case managers who are very capable in implementing effective return to work programs.

Workplace Injuries

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