Personal Life Coaching in Sudbury

What holds you back from getting what you really want?

Personal Coaching

Who is helping you reach, stretch and hold you accountable?

Personal Coaching

What does your balance look like, in your work, health and wealth?

Personal Coaching

What obstacles are you tolerating that hold you back?

Personal Coaching

What risks are you not taking?
Has procrastination become a habit that keeps you from going after what you really want?

Personal Coaching

Do you have a plan?
Do you have a coach that will help you make a difference?

Personal Coaching

Are you successful but still struggle with selling yourself?
Can you imagine how successful you could be if you could turn off your negative self talk?

If any of these questions resonate with you,

I’d like to work with you! To help raise your bar, set goals, identify unnecessary stressors in your life and achieve those long term desires you’ve always had but never been able to attain on your own.

As a coach I’m on your side, rooting for you. I’m here to give you thought provoking perspectives, to help you get focused, gain more self-confidence, and achieve the life results you want.

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Katherine McMahon

Why You Need a Life Coach

Life coaching is a profession that is different from consulting, therapy or counseling. A life coach addresses general, personal, and business challenges by examining what is going on in the present, identifying your obstacles and helping you choose a course of action to shape your life the way you want. Life coaching gives the power back to you, knowing that you have the answers to your questions and challenges in your life, even if the answers appear clouded. You are the expert in your own life and a life coach helps you discover the “best” you.

Are you ready for a life coach? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, give us a call today so we can help you get started on your journey to a more powerful you.

  • 1. Am I ready to create more balance in my life?
  • 2. Am I ready to improve my personal or business relationships?
  • 3. Am I ready to make real and positive changes in my life?
  • 4. Am I ready and willing to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviours?
  • 5. Am I ready to create plans and take action to achieve my goals?
  • 6. Am I ready to achieve a sense of fulfillment at work and in my life?
  • 7. Am I ready for more fun and enjoyment in my life?
  • 8. Can I benefit from someone who will help me to stay on track?
Life Coaching

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