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I came in with a shoulder injury from the gym. After a few sessions we were able to identify the problem, treat the injury and I was able to learn several preventative exercises to reduce risk of injury in the future.

Very helpful and extremely friendly service!

Benjy H

Excellent service! Have two locations with very flexible hours. The staff is very nice.

Nicole P.

I have been dealing with Ron with various physical problems for over 20 yrs. .I am a walking testament to his skills and knowledge. He is my go to guy !

Jim G

I had a frozen shoulder, in late Feb. Thanks to Ron who help me through my pain with physiotherapy. They're very accommodating when it comes to make appointment.

Louise M

A month ago I went through knee replacement surgery. When I started physio I could only bend my knee at 55 degrees, now I can reach between 95 - 100 degrees ..... the goal is to reach 110 degree. I appreciate that Ron is patient with me however he knows exactly how far he can push me.

I only have good words to say about Brady Physio. The staff is very friendly and the office is welcoming.

Diane L

Very accommodating and pleasant staff. Always willing to fit you in without appointment. Professional and experienced. Highly recommend

Richard C

It's a very welcoming environment and the staff gets to know you personally. I always have a great experience every time I go and that's why I've stayed with Ron and his team for years now

Vicky P

I was injured in a car accident in 2014 and was referred to Brady Physiotherapy. Here I met Ron and his wife Katherine. Their service is second to none. You are acknowledged as you walk in and they always make an effort to fit into your schedule. Whether it is part of surgery recovery or injury

Ron's knowledge of it all is great. If it wasn't for him, they probably would not of found the tear in my shoulder. I will never be 100%, but I'm probably about 90%. Better than nothing at all.

Thank you to Ron and his staff, I appreciate all that you have done for me.

Gina M

Over the years my husband and I have been seeing Ron for various physio needs. Ron and Katherine provide a welcoming and professional atmosphere and reception is always accommodating to our schedule. Ron is exceptionally knowledgeable and with every visit he explains what procedure he uses in a friendly and patient manner. At every opportunity I recommend Brady Physio to my family and friends.

Patricia M

Ron and Katherine have helped me in the past couple of years and very successfully. I would recommend them to all of my friends.

Lorraine R

My time spent at Brady Physio on LaSalle under Ron McMahon's care has been excellent. When you first go into the office they greet you with a warm smile that makes one in a little discomfort feel good. Ron has looked after me when I had my knee replaced and now is working on my shoulder with good results. I recommend Brady Physio for all your needs when in pain or discomfort.

Gary D.

Very glad l went to the the Brady Physiotherapy clinic. Went in there with a very sore shoulder and limited movement. Now l am pain free with 100% of my shoulder movement. Thanks due to the wonderful team at the clinic.

Ken L

Been in Ron's care for 5 years Very professional and positive

Andre O

Great Fit Testimonials

Katherine's gentle and insightful questioning helped me to quiet some of the noise inside of me that often shows up as self doubt, and worry. I felt like I was finding my true path...to happiness.

Sarah M.

Everyone should use a life coach! Katherine gave me back the control and balance I was missing in my life and I am so much happier.

Sylvie R.

They really helped me turn my life around. The guidance I received from Ron and Katherine helped increase my awareness regarding making healthier choices. I started exercising again and I'm eating healthier than ever before! I have reached my goal weight and love how I look and feel. I have embraced this lifestyle.

Richard L.

The staff is so friendly and welcoming that it was an easy decision choosing them to help me reach my weight loss goals.

Pam S.

At first I really had no idea what to expect of coaching or where it would take me I just felt a strong need to find direction in my life. I had energy, enthusiasm and skill but was totally confused about what to do. I had been trying to work it out for myself over a long time but got nowhere other than feeling more anxious. Your gentle but powerful questioning brought me many answers that surprised me. I now have a real sense of purpose. I now have the practical steps I need to follow my new direction in my life

Tom L.

Though I was generally in a good place when I started, I had some serious questions about my next phase of my life, among them my career, my passions, my relationships. You always made me feel heard, you engaged in me profound and insightful discussions. I often found myself saying That's a really good question. Katherine you made me THINK, and because of it, I am now living the life I've always envisioned for myself. Thank you!

Chris S.

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